AscTec Pelican Quadrotor Flight Dataset

As a part of a project in WAVELab on system identification and modeling of a quadrotor for Multi-Step prediction, a dataset was gathered. This page contains information about this dataset. The results of a Black-box and a Grey-box modeling will be also reported shortly.

(Maintained by Nima Mohajerin)

Format MATLAB .mat
Size  238.1 MB

Download here: AscTec_Pelican_Flight_Dataset

Information about dataset


The AscTec Pelican is a light weight quadrotor. It is equipped with a real-time autopilot board coupled with an onboard computer running Ubuntu OS and communicates with the autopilot board via a UART connection. The ROS Indigo software running a suitable ROS node is used to collect the motor speeds and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) measurements. The vehicle is operated in an indoor environment by an expert pilot using a Futaba T7C remote control.

Measurement system, data synchronisation and signals

Download this file.


The dataset contains 54 flights covering a wide range of regimes. The flights are stored as MATLAB cells with the following fields:

  • len: The number of samples in the flight
  • Pos: The position measurement (x, y, z) from Vicon, a 3-by-len matrix
  • Euler: The orientation measurement (roll, pitch, yaw) from Vicon, a 3-by-len matrix
  • Motors: The motors actual speed as reported by the ROS node, 4-by-len matrix
  • Motors_CMD: The commanded motor speeds as reported by the ROS node, a 4-by-len matrix
  • Vel: The calculated velocity (v_x, v_y, v_z) by applying a numerical difference on the position measurement, a 3-by-(len-1) matrix
  • pqr: The calculated body rates (p, q, r) by applying a numerical difference on the Euler measurements and transferring them into the body frame, a 3-by-(len-1) matrix

For more information about the transformations check the pdf file.